Request your Press Pass for Cyber Security Expo, IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo and AI & Big Data Expo

Do you want to be part of the co-located event? If you’re a member of the press from a registered company you could be in luck! Apply using the form below and a member of our team will respond shortly.

If you’re a blogger reporting on cyber security and cloud and have a passion for creating high quality content for your community then get in touch today.

The Press Pass will include:

  • -Access to all conference tracks
  • -Full access to the exhibition
  • -Conference Materials (Post-show)


Please make sure to include your press ID or a link to relevant work. Applications for Press Passes will close on 6 November.

Press pass requirements

Journalists, editors, or photographers of relevant publications (including Cyber Security & Cloud, technology, finance, energy, etc.), or mainstream press, are invited to apply for a press pass with Cyber Security & Cloud Expo.

To apply for a press pass, we require evidence of recent work on relevant subject matters, with your name appearing as writer or editor. Links to articles may be sent to [email protected]

Freelance writers are also welcome to apply.

Apply for a press pass

To apply, contact [email protected]