ABI Research

ABI Research helps organizations–and visionaries within those organizations–successfully conquer digital transformation. Since 1990, we have partnered with hundreds of leading technology brands, cutting-edge companies, forward-thinking government agencies, and innovative trade groups around the globe. Through our leading-edge research and worldwide team of analysts, we deliver actionable insight and strategic guidance on the transformative technologies that are reshaping industries, economies, and workforces today.

We not only provide an unparalleled, holistic view of the technology landscape; we help our clients generate real business results, including:


  • Optimizing technology investments
  • Fleshing out product roadmaps
  • Collecting competitive information
  • Creating strategies to increasing market share and enter new markets
  • Gaining real-time insight into technology platforms, competitors, and customers
  • Determining total addressable markets (TAMs)
  • Identifying merger and acquisition targets