Day 1 - 17 May 2023



Enterprise Security: Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks.



Presentation: The Cyber Security Landscape in 2023 and Beyond

  • Implementing new procedures due to the challenges brought about by remote working, the increase of device usage, and more online activity through additional technologies. 
  • Describing challenges around the increase of cyber-attacks on a global scale. 
  • Introducing a culture of cyber security in organisations, with more businesses now introducing relevant policies. 



Keynote Presentation: Third-Party Cyber Risks: Assessing Your Supply Chain

  • Why should third-party risk management be central to your cyber security strategy? 
  • Identifying a higher risk vendor by using the relevant frameworks. 
  • Streamlining metrics effectively to remain secure. 



Fireside Chat: Cloud Vulnerabilities and Cyber Resilience

  • Understanding various cloud computing services and how they are used.  
  • Discussing best practices within cloud security, in order to be proactive rather than reactive. 
  • Choosing the right cloud provider which protects against misconfigurations, cyber-attacks, authentication, and access management. 



Presentation: Cyber Insurance Risk Evaluation

  • Improving your cyber readiness in advance of cyber insurance renewals. 
  • Recent challenges around cyber insurance policies, and predictions for future audits. 
  • How to be forward-thinking in the eyes of a cyber insurance underwriter. 


Networking Break



Panel: Never Trust, Always Verify: The Zero-Trust Approach

  • Explaining the importance of a zero-trust approach, and how it strengthens a company. 
  • Outlining the steps involved when implementing a zero-trust architecture. 
  • Adopting culture and leadership skills to sustain a mature cyber security practice. 



Presentation: Inside the Mind of a CISO: What Keeps Them Up at Night?

  • The balancing act of business disruption or data exposure. 
  • Staying abreast of new strategies, technologies and regulations to protect the organisation. 
  • Understanding how all areas of the company work, seeing the bigger picture. 



Presentation: Data Loss Prevention is Better Than Cure: Detection and Response

  • Strengthening data security practices and deploying the relevant software, to provide as much automation as possible. 
  • Educating the workforce so they can detect when a data loss prevention occurs and know how to respond appropriately. 
  • How to categorise and prioritise data, to understand when it is at risk. 



Presentation: Safeguarding Your Organisation from Insider Threats

  • Defining the various types of accidental and intentional insider threats. 
  • Reviewing protocols and controls for detection and monitoring. 
  • Reporting insider attacks in the smartest way to protect your organisation. 


Networking Break & Lunch



Presentation: Cyber Security Compliance in Multiple Jurisdictions

  • Recent data privacy laws in various geographical locations. 
  • Difficulties when adhering to multiple compliance schemes at once. 
  • Challenges for regulators as they try to keep up with rapidly surging cyber security threats. 
  • Finding the right cyber security program for assisting with compliance issues. 



Presentation: How to Maintain a Culture of Security in the Workplace

  • Creating information security policies which are transparent and commonly understood across the organisation. 
  • Making employees feel rewarded, empowered, and supported, so they react positively to company guidelines. 
  • Introducing a top-down plus a bottom-up approach. 



Presentation: How to be an Ethical Hacker

  • Assessing the weaknesses which an attacker would spot and therefore target. 
  • Working out what damage can be done with the information gained. 
  • Using this information to safeguard an organisation against future incidents. 



Presentation: When Cookies Become Dangerous

  • Asking the question of “what are we actually consenting to?” when it comes to cookies. 
  • The disastrous consequences of cookie hijacking and cookie poisoning. 
  • Which types of cookies should be configured or blocked to enable the strongest privacy protection. 


Networking Break



Panel: Are We Entering a Passwordless World?

  • Recent developments in MFA, biometrics, ZZO, SSO, and other alternatives to entering passwords; how these are evolving. 
  • The pros and cons of eliminating passwords altogether. 
  • Technological improvements to assist with authentication processes. 



Presentation: Cyber Security & Compliance in Financial Services

  • Complying with financial crime, cyber security, and data protection regulatory requirements. 
  • Implementing the most effective controls to mitigate digital payment security risks. 
  • Measuring risk appetite vs risk tolerance. 



Presentation: Cyber Challenges in the Healthcare Sector

  • Data breaches, ransomware and malware, vulnerability of legacy systems, insecure medical devices and equipment, insider threats, DDoS attacks, lack of documented cyber and governance policies, cloud-based threats, phishing attacks, lack of cyber awareness. 
  • Controlling systems and data proactively, so they are protected against cyber threats. 
  • Emphasizing the importance of information security across the workplace, not allowing data access to all employees. 



Presentation: Addressing the Cyber Security Skills Gap

  • Revealing current statistics of the overall cyber security staff shortage. 
  • Considering recruitment issues, such as aiming too high when it comes to certifications, but also hiring individuals with a limited skillset. 
  • Speaking about employee retention challenges, with the ever-changing cyber landscape. 



End of Day

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