Day 2 - 18 May 2023



Accelerating Digital Transformation: Chairperson’s Welcome



Presentation: Making your Cyber Security Program Effective in 2023

  • Incorporating IAM elements into the program such as MFA, to prevent ransomware attacks. 
  • Teaching employees how to use programs correctly, so there is more awareness across departments. 
  • Highlighting the importance of zero-trust architecture, policy-as-code, and CI/CD pipelines. 



Keynote Presentation: The Risks of Remote and Hybrid Working in the New Normal

  • Establishing best training practices for employees, so that insider threats do not occur. 
  • Keeping your organisation protected against hackers once away from the office network, especially when working in public. 
  • Remaining vigilant when using personal devices, as they could be more vulnerable to cyber security risks. 
  • Emerging threats with mobile applications; which ones are becoming the most prominent? 



Presentation: The Acceleration of AI and ML in Cyber Security

  • By the end of 2025, it is expected to have 27 billion connected devices across the globe. Looking at the global level, we need to have a strong secured ecosystem for all the connected devices. We should have both approaches enabled- “Top to Bottom” and “Bottom to Top” so that our connected devices are 100% secured from any types of threats (external/internal). 
  • Every day the way we are building a new digital era, it is nowhere near possible to secure it traditionally. It needs to have modern solutions. For the modern solutions, it is no wonder to choose the path of AI and ML for our cyber security domain because if it is designed in certain ways, the framework will keep learning new patterns of malicious activities and does self-implementations in real-time to prevent any threats as proactive action. 



Presentation: IoT in the Metaverse

  • How IOT integrates the real world with the metaverse. 
  • The emergence of blockchain technologies, and why this has made the metaverse even more powerful. 
  • Predicting new potential developments between IOT and the metaverse to solve real-world problems. 


Networking Break



Presentation: DDoS Defence Strategies

  • Information on major distributed denial of service attacks in recent times, e.g. Amazon Web Services and Google. 
  • Differentiating between DDoS and DOS to eliminate confusion between the two. 
  • Tips on how to apply fixes between your network and the threat actor. 



Presentation: State Sponsored Cyber Attacks

  • Examples of motivations for posing threats to national critical infrastructure. 
  • An update of recent global hacking incidents against government authorities. 
  • How to embed security awareness in your company culture. 



Panel: Latest Trends Within Social Engineering

  • Exploring the damaging consequences which social engineering brings to an organisation. 
  • Analysing common misconceptions people may have when it comes to engaging with threat actors. 
  • Highlighting key trends and behaviours demonstrated by attackers, to increase awareness. 



Presentation: Security Consolidation: How to do More with Less

  • Selecting the most economical platform-based approach, which offers the security you need. 
  • Making sure that people know how to use such platforms and identify weak points correctly. 
  • How to keep the attack surface as small as possible and save money whilst doing so, in the most automated way. 


Networking Break & Lunch



Presentation: Dodging and Detecting Deepfake Attacks

  • Providing examples of deepfake technologies being used, and the harm caused. 
  • How to spot a deepfake, the signs to watch out for. 
  • Useful methods and frameworks which can be applied to combat deepfake attacks. 



Presentation: Building a Successful SOC

  • Developing a security infrastructure which is up to date with current organisational challenges and can monitor activity effectively, using automated tools. 
  • Choosing a team who possess a varied skill set, to enable powerful threat detection and response. 
  • Exploring the most common uses of managed SOC services. 



Fireside Chat: Emerging Technologies to Combat Ransomware

  • Common TTPs when defending against ransomware. 
  • Cyber security issues brought about by IOT, 5G, quantum computing, and AI. 
  • Benefits of blockchain technologies. 
  • Considerations when taking out cyber insurance to prevent attacks. 


End of Day