Day 1 - 29 September 2021



Panel: Doing more with less: consolidating your SecToolkit

  • Coping with reduced security budgets and staffing post-pandemic – Best practices for weathering the storm 
  • How can interaction between technologies, systems and processes improve performance on a tight budget?   
  • Discussing the merits of combined-functionality solutions 



Create A Control-Centered Approach To Managing Your Risk

  • Construct a Best-Practice Cybersecurity Program
  • React To Evolving Regulations and Standards
  • Utilize Controls as the Foundation
  • Empower The Team To Detect Failures
  • Respond To High-Level Pressure



Roland Cloutier

Global Chief Security Officer


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10:15AM - Day 1

View Fireside Chat: Next Generation Security Operations Centres

10:40AM - Day 1

View Fireside Chat: Managing Security in the spotlight

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Fireside Chat: Managing Security in the spotlight

  • Sharing experiences as the CSO of TikTok- threat landscapes, challenges and staying ahead
  • Building a culture of transparency in security
  • How TikTok empowers its users and community to make the right security & privacy choices
. Roland Cloutier, Global Chief Security Officer, TikTok



Candy Alexander

President, International Directors


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Panel: Surviving the worst-case scenario – best practices for incident response

  • How can a strong response put the house back together 
  • Understanding and enacting the 6 phases of an incident response plan – how timing is everything  
  • Top tips for managing collateral damage 
Moderator: . Candy Alexander, President, International Directors, ISSA



Cyber in the physical world

  • Exploring security for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure 
  • The convergence of IT & OT – addressing new vulnerabilities and risks posed 
  • Best practices for security in today’s industrial networks 



Confidential Computing: Moving Data to the Cloud Without Compromise

As our reliance on data grows in the hybrid cloud era, the need for data privacy and protection is imperative. Companies are being challenged with finding the most comprehensive ways to assure security across the lifecycle of their customers’ data. IBM Cloud focuses on enabling capabilities that go beyond confidential computing for the highest level of privacy assurance. Hear about new core technologies and use cases from automotive to financial services and healthcare.



The Role of Detection & Response

  • Detection & Response team: Goals, Scope, and Principles
  • Focus areas of Detection & Response teams
  • Industry best practices in Detection & Response
  • Engineering
  • Detection Engineering
  • Incident Response



Hammad Alam

Principal Solutions Architect


Associated Talks:

12:50PM - Day 1

View How to achieve Deep Visibility into your Cloud Network for the sake of Security

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How to achieve Deep Visibility into your Cloud Network for the sake of Security

As applications are moving from enterprise data centers to Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI), the changing security landscape is challenging enterprises in:

  • How to maintain and enhance security postures (encryption, service insertion, segmentation etc.)
  • How to provide deep visibility for day2 troubleshooting and auditability for compliance
  • How to do all of this in a repeatable fashion across multiple clouds
. Hammad Alam, Principal Solutions Architect, Aviatrix



Panel: Get out of my cloud! Preventing a data breach

  • Using cloud-based resources safely – moving sensitive workloads out of legacy data centres  
  • How training can help  
  • Examples of organisations using the cloud securely to enhance customer experience and user journey  


End of Day One