Day 1 - 4 November 2020


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Cyber Security Solutions: Chair’s Opening Remarks


Presentation: How Hackers Attack

  • How you and your organisation can be exploited into helping hackers into your systems 
  • Learn how to detect social engineering & manipulation 
  • Hear from a real-life hacker on how their process works and how they ply their trade 


Presentation: Cloud Access Security Brokers – How to Protect Your Cloud Data

  • How CASBs can help increase confidence about your organizations’ cloud service  
  • Governing usage, securing data and protecting against threats 


Presentation: Software as a Service – Fuelling a Competitive Security Advantage?

  • From Google to Facebook: Defining SaaS 
  • How is it shaping the way we work, play and connect? 
  • Exploring the ways SaaS is making your daily life more secure 


Presentation: Zero Trust: Balancing Resilience and User Experience

  • How can Zero Trust architecture address today’s security challenges of a mobile workforce and data in the cloud? 
  • How can you exert control and reduce your attack surface? 
  • Protecting user identity, devices and applications 


Presentation: The Top Cloud Security Challenges for 2020

  • How does cloud architecture vs. Traditional networks pose different problems for security teams? 
  • How can you easily assess your overall cloud security status? 
  • Top tips for ensuring regulatory compliance 


Panel: Using the Cloud Securely

  • How to choose the best cloud strategy for your business 
  • Public, Private or Hybrid: How architecture impacts security 
  • Addressing the risks of the Cloud as a big data centre  
  • What impact does cloud security have on consumers? 


Networking Break


Presentation: Open Source – Friend or Foe?

  • With security budgets as tight as ever, is it safe to take advantage of the many open source tools available? 
  • What should we consider when evaluating the benefits?  
  • Considering the development team, user community & documentation 
  • Examples of the most useful open source projects 


Presentation: Winning the Cyber Security Arms Race

  • What are the best tools you can have in your arsenal? 
  • The importance of innovation 
  • Overcoming the challenges in building security software 


Presentation: Time to Grow Up – How Mature is your Organization?

  • Why being aware of your security maturity is important 
  •  Is security really a part of your culture or are you just paying lip service?  
  • How to optimize your security program to align with industry best practices. 


Presentation: Remote Working – a Blessing or a Curse?

  • Closing the gap between desktop and mobile security can be a horrendous task for security teams How can you ensure devices are protected without invading privacy? 
  • Is isolation good for security? 
  • How can you ensure your email security is up to scratch? 


Presentation: Are You Breach Ready?

  • Do you have plans in place to respond and recover from a breach? 
  • How to equip your board  
  • Ensuring you have the correct crisis support 


Presentation: Driving Progress in a Digital World – Reducing Risk in your Supply Chain

  • Effective risk management allows organisations to take full advantage of new opportunities. How can you ensure you can trust your partners?  
  • How to insure against future risk  
  • Ensuring collaboration is your best protection 


Presentation: Is your data a tough nut to crack?

  • Locating and prioritising your data – encrypting at rest and in transit 
  • Choosing the best key management solution 
  • The role of emerging technologies – blockchain & quantum computing 


Data Masking


Kubernetes & Container Security


Blockchain for Data Protection


Panel: The Role of Emerging Technology in Security

  • The biggest advancements in cyber security tech and what can we expect from the next 5 years? 
  • What is the impact of increased use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning? 
  • What role will technologies like blockchain, behavioural analytics and biometrics have in securing our future identities and combating fraud? 


End of Session

Networking Party | 6pm-10pm | Levi’s Stadium

An evening of networking on Wednesday 4th November 2020 from 6pm. Access for Ultimate, Gold &Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press & exhibitors. Taking place at Strandzuid, RAI. Join us for drinks & networking

Day 2 - 5 November 2020


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Cyber Security Solutions Day 2 – Chair’s Opening Remarks


Presentation: Cyber Crime: Detection, Prevention and Recovery

  • What is cybercrime and how is it different from public perception?  
  • How can you protect yourself? 
  • Recent examples of organizations falling foul to online criminals 


Presentation: Multiply your Impact: Managed Services

  • Defining managed services 
  • Top 10 benefits of using managed services 
  • Best practices for selecting a provider 


Presentation: Under the Microscope with Network Forensics

  • What is network forensics? 
  • Evaluating ‘catch-it-as-you-can’ and ‘stop, look and listen’ systems 
  • How real time analytics can influence better decision making 


Presentation: From Developer to Deployment: How to streamline application security testing

  • How can security solutions help you integrate security into your DevOps environment? 
  • Breaking through traditional testing processes and tools 
  • Building secure high-quality software faster 


Panel: Secure Scalability: DevSecOps for the Agile Business

  • How to make your security agile – updating Appsec for a DevOps world 
  • Defining application security – cloud, mobile and web 
  • Discussing common development vulnerabilities and how to secure your data against them 
  • Best practices to ensure your processes run smoothly 


Networking Break


Presentation: Bug Bounty Programs: The devil you know?

  • What role can white and grey hat hackers play in developing secure systems? 
  • Benefits and challenges – getting senior level buy in and best practices when considering a hack 
  • Examples of organisations doing this successfully 


Presentation: The 2020 Threat Landscape

  • A deep dive into predictions for the 2020 threat landscape 
  • Key actions you can take to protect yourself as an organisation 
  • Top resources to support your efforts 


Presentation: How to get more from your penetration testing

  • How modern digital environments require a continuous approach to pen testing 
  • Examining the routes malicious users can take and how these attacks can be recreated & prevented 
  • Does good security create good compliance? 


Presentation: SIEM for the Future

  • How implementing a Security Information & Event Management system can protect your organization  
  • Solving problems with your SIEM data 
  • Using SIEM for compliance & capacity management projects 


Go phish! Don’t get hacked by email

  • Can you completely safeguard employee communication? 
  • Protection at the email perimeter, inside the network and beyond the perimeter 
  • The latest updates in phishing techniques 


Panel: Detect & Protect: navigating network vulnerability

  • The basics – discovery, reporting, prioritization & response 
  • How vulnerability management fits into risk and governance policies 
  • The importance of continuous vulnerability management 


Cyber Security Solutions: Chair’s Closing Remarks