Day 2 - 6 June 2024



Cloud Transformation, Migration & Integration: Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Migration Strategies

Explore proven methodologies and best practices for seamless and efficient cloud migration, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption.



Keynote Presentation: Unlocking Business Potential with Cloud & As-a-Service Solutions

Explore the dynamic landscape of cloud technologies and innovative as-a-service models. Delve into their advantages, challenges, and strategic considerations, revolutionizing operations for a digital future. Join the discussion on navigating this evolving terrain.



Panel: Building Cloud Transformation Strategies

Listen to insights from prominent industry professionals about establishing the groundwork for cloud transformation and formulating holistic strategies encompassing public, private, and hybrid clouds. Discover how cloud transformation can streamline your cloud spending and facilitate modern, agile work approaches.


Networking Break



Panel: Decoding IaaS Excellence

Explore the transformative potential of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Uncover key benefits like scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility, reshaping modern cloud computing. Gain insights into optimizing infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, and embracing dynamic IT. Join our insightful session to demystify IaaS and revolutionize your cloud strategy.



Presentation: Driving Digital Transformation with Cloud Technologies

Explore real-world examples and strategies for leveraging cloud technologies as catalysts for digital transformation, ensuring organizations stay agile and competitive in today‘s dynamic landscape.



Presentation: Mastering Hybrid Cloud Integration

Dive into the complexities of hybrid cloud integration, discussing integration frameworks, interoperability challenges, and strategies to seamlessly connect on-premises and cloud environments.


Lunch Networking Break



Panel: Unlocking Cost Optimization Strategies in the Cloud

This insightful panel will assemble experts in cloud economics and cost management to explore effective strategies for optimizing costs in cloud environments. Each panelist will bring a unique perspective, sharing practical insights and best practices to help organizations make the most of their cloud investments. 



Quick Insights: Embracing DevOps in Cloud Environments

Explore the synergy between DevOps practices and cloud environments in a concise presentation. Discuss automation, collaboration, and cultural shifts fostering rapid, reliable, and secure software delivery.



Presentation: Sustainable Cloud: Steps Towards a Greener Digital Future

Explore practical steps for achieving environmentally friendly cloud computing. Learn about energy-efficient infrastructure, carbon footprint reduction, and eco-conscious practices that contribute to a greener and sustainable digital ecosystem