Day 2 - 12 May 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome



Presentation: Optimizing Threat Detection and Response in Light of Increased Automation

  • Analysing the security risks associated with RPA implementation.
  • Why you should create a governance framework to mitigate RPA-related risks.
  • Regular audits, log integrity. access management, vendor selection, bot identification and data security.  What can do to reduce threats?



Presentation: The Perils and Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  • Understanding how AI can reduce your attack surface and accelerate threat detection.
  • Identifying potential pitfalls of adopting AI and Machine Learning into your cyber security defences.
  • Which areas still require the human touch?



Presentation: Next Generation Security Operations Centres

  • How to gain organizational alignment when engaging with leaders’ enterprise-wide to understand their requirements and needs of the SOC.
  • Why is it important to break down information barriers between physical security and cybersecurity teams?
  • Reviewing current trends and indicators within Cyber Threat Intelligence.
  • Automation of Incident Response Services – Using ML -powered security tools to spot malicious activities by finding behavioural deviations in networks and applications.



Panel: Phishing, Smishing, Vishing and Whaling – What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead!

  • Familiarisation with the cyber criminal’s toolkit: which threats are the panel most fearful of?
  • How have digital transformation initiatives exposed businesses to new attack vectors?
  • Understanding the reputational impact of an unmitigated cyber-attack.


Networking Break



Presentation: Identity and Access Management – Ensuring Your Multi-Factor Authentication Model Stays Resilient in the Face of Potential Threats

  • Understanding how much better protected your data is with MFA.
  • Learn how to establish the right MFA model for your needs.
  • How MFA can be a key lynchpin for securing your digital transformation objectives.



Presentation: Understanding How DevSecOps Can Dramatically Accelerate your App Development Cycles

  • How can we automate DevSecOps?
  • What are the Cloud Security complications?
  • How does using DevSecOps practices accelerates software development?
  • Building a culture of ownership around security from frontline developers upwards.



Panel: Mobile – The Current Warzone for Cybersecurity

  • How increased mobility associated with remote working has expanded the cyber-attack surface.
  • How to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals by including mobile in your risk management strategy.
  • How can companies implement mobile device security?



Presentation: An Update on Latest Social Engineering Threats and How to Stay Vigilant Against Them

  • Understanding the consequences of social engineering on businesses.
  • How to ensure your workforce is effectively trained and prepared for social engineering threats.
  • A best practice guide to social engineering prevention.



Presentation: The Next-Generation of Application Security – The Rise of the Chief Product Security Officer

  • Fuzz Testing – Autonomous Application Security Testing – going beyond recognising vulnerabilities.
  • Should organizations implement a Product Security discipline and give CPSOs a seat at the executive table?
  • How the use of threat modelling to reduces risk.



End of Day