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    Day 1


  • How to build a cybersecurity programme with people at the heart
  • how to do traditional security governance and where does/doesn’t it work
  • Waterfall vs agile, there is a time for everything
  • How to trust developers and bring them on the journey of security transformation
  • the value of design principle patterns and why they are key to go fast.
  • how and when to use tools (SAST/IAST/DAST) and how to aggregate the results
  • Build vs FIX, Half Quarter thresholds and other KPI in evaluating the good quality of code
  • Licence to operate and how it is linked to appsec results as well as education

Associated Speakers:

Francesco Cipollone

Head of Security Architecture & Strategy | Chair

HSBC | Cloud Security Alliance

Associated Talks:


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03:00PM - Day 1

View The Security Phoenix from the ashes of DEV-OPS

10:50AM - Day 2

View Panel: The role of regulations and standards for cybersecurity and privacy compliance

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