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    Day 2


  • By the end of 2025, it is expected to have 27 billion connected devices across the globe. Looking at the global level, we need to have a strong secured ecosystem for all the connected devices. We should have both approaches enabled- “Top to Bottom” and “Bottom to Top” so that our connected devices are 100% secured from any types of threats (external/internal). 
  • Every day the way we are building a new digital era, it is nowhere near possible to secure it traditionally. It needs to have modern solutions. For the modern solutions, it is no wonder to choose the path of AI and ML for our cyber security domain because if it is designed in certain ways, the framework will keep learning new patterns of malicious activities and does self-implementations in real-time to prevent any threats as proactive action. 

Associated Speakers:

Kaushik Krishna Sahay

IT Technical Program Manager

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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11:05AM - Day 2

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