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In the realm of cybersecurity, access control stands as a cornerstone for safeguarding critical resources against unauthorized access. Traditional access control mechanisms, while effective in certain scenarios, often struggle to address the complexities of modern IT ecosystems characterized by dynamic user roles, diverse resource types, and intricate interdependencies. Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) emerges as a promising paradigm, offering a flexible and fine-grained approach to access management. 
This talk aims to demystify ABAC by dissecting its core principles, elucidating its operational framework, and unveiling its practical implementation strategies. We will delve into the fundamental components of ABAC, including subjects, resources, actions, and most importantly, attributes. By understanding how attributes play a pivotal role in defining access policies, attendees will grasp the agility and scalability that ABAC introduces to access control mechanisms. 
Ultimately, this talk aims to empower security practitioners, IT professionals, and decision-makers with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace ABAC effectively, thereby fortifying their defenses against modern cyber threats while enabling seamless access to resources in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Associated Speakers:

Sharan Ram

Executive Director - Cybersecurity

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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