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The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic crisis quickly accelerated the evolution of healthcare and its ecosystem. The adaption of digital technologies in healthcare continues to improve healthcare outcomes, such as minimizing costs and improving productivity and patient experience. However, digital technologies also increase cybersecurity risks and related challenges. All stakeholders must understand the cybersecurity challenges to healthcare and act on them.  

The following are the significant challenges that the industry is facing when it comes to protecting patient safety, security, and privacy:

1) Increased cybersecurity risks 

2) Changing regulatory needs  

3) The rapid adoption of digital health, including medical devices, electronic records, & IT networks  

4) Emerging health technologies  

5) Sustaining legacy systems  

6) Visibility to third-party risks. 


Associated Speakers:

Sateesh Bolloju

Global Director, R&D - Product Security


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04:40PM - Day 1

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