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  • Discussing the recent changes in public cloud technology and how Confidential Computing can be used to lock-down data and create a trusted environment, even in an environment shared by other customers, open to third parties, and in a geography that is considered untrusted.
  • Discovering how Enterprises can embrace the cloud and protect confidential data like PII, PHI, and more without recoding or refactoring applications.
  • Examining the benefits of Confidential Computing for protecting sensitive workloads and applications.

Associated Speakers:

Steve Van Lare

VP of Engineering


Associated Talks:

11:55AM - Day 1

View VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: How to Utilize the AWS Cloud for the Most Sensitive Data Without Compromise

11:55AM - Day 1

View Presentation: How to Utilize the Public Cloud for the Most Sensitive Data Without Compromise

11:15AM - Day 1

View Panel: Addressing Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities

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