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Cyber breaches are bigger and worse than ever. Hardly a day goes by without headlines about some new devastating cyber-attack. To better protect against data breaches, the use of a Zero Trust model has returned to the spotlight and seen huge growth in adoption. There are many starting points on the path to Zero Trust. However, all roads still lead to identity. Hackers don’t hack in anymore — they log in using weak, default, stolen, or otherwise compromised credentials. Indeed, Forrester Research estimates that 80 percent of today’s breaches involve privileged access abuse — that is, user accounts that have administrative access to critical systems in the organization. The session will explore how Zero Trust Privilege helps organizations to ensure that access to their compute (on-premises or in the cloud), network, DevOps, and data resources is appropriate, sanctioned, compliant, and secure.

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Dr. Torsten George

Cyber Security Evangelist

Centrify Corporation

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10:50AM - Day 1

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