Rob is a Lead Cybersecurity Architect at Schneider Electric, where he is a passionate evangelist for designing security into the very fabric of development teams and the systems they build. He helps teams identify and mitigate security issues before they become vulnerabilities, and enjoys his role in keeping the bad guys at bay.

Rob has worked to develop security solutions for complex systems ranging from edge-to-cloud IoT products to highly scalable premium television services. Over his career, Rob’s been a contributor to a number of industry groups, contributing to the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Reference Architecture and Industrial Internet Security Framework, with earlier contributions to the development of the X Window System Protocol, and the Universal Plug & Play Forum. For fun, he also served on the program committee for ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Committee for a several years.

While many see New Hampshire as a beautiful place for their vacation, Rob’s fortunate to call it home. He’s dad to four awesome daughters. He’s also an avid cyclist, aspiring triathlete, photographer, Justice of The Peace, and enjoys hiking in the White Mountains with Piper The Wonder Dog. He can be reached at [email protected]