Mansi Thakar is a graduate of the University of San Diego’s Cybersecurity Operations & Leadership program and serves as a security specialist with Stanford Federal Credit Union. Prior to starting her current position she was at Sony PlayStation, serving as a key member to their Global Vulnerability Management and Security Awareness programs. Thakar is also a leader of nonprofits in the cybersecurity industry that promote diversity such as Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) and InfoSec Unlocked (ISUnlocked).
Thakar has a flair for sustainable innovative ideas and a history of implementing them successfully. To Thakar, cybersecurity is a field where you can be a digital superhero. But when you’re a modern-day tech protector facing millions of malware threats, you need backup. That is why she is drawn to the space where cybersecurity meets machine learning. Thakar wants to help shape how we meet the growing magnitude of cyber threats through data and automation. This challenge energizes her – the same way she is energized by the challenge of being one of the few women in the Boardroom, even though it is sometimes difficult. She knows that what she achieves can have a ripple effect and inspire others. She also plays a Lead role in the PBS Documentary, Life Hackers and spends her summers protecting the “most hostile network on the planet” as a DEFCON NOC Goon.