With 20 years of experience in the data security industry, Johannes “Jo” Lintzen supports Cryptomathic’s global clients to solve their encryption and key management puzzles.

In his role as Managing Director for Cryptomathic Inc., Jo is driving Strategic Business Development initiatives to develop strong partnership relations.

Jo joined Cryptomathic in 2017, after spending 10 years with a focus on integrations of cryptographic hardware (HSMs) into large distributed systems for the Energy, Automotive and Financial industries.

Jo is fascinated by the impact of “Software is eating the world” and “IP on everything” and believes this impact presents the biggest challenge for our generation. “It has effects on all areas of life – from business to how we raise our children.” Working together with some of the smartest minds providing solutions to some of the underlying technological and organizational challenges (data security, privacy, key management) is a daily motivator and has influenced Jo’s professional and personal growth for the past 20+ years.

In his spare time, you will find him outdoors spending quality time with his family (and the dog).