RedTeam Security

Since 2008, RedTeam Security has been leading the pen testing industry with focused offensive security services. From comprehensive manual Network Pen Testing and Red Teaming to Social Engineering engagements, our services are designed to provide comprehensive and well-rounded testing that uncovers hidden risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues within your environment.

As ethical hackers and pen testers, we know it’s more important now than ever before to properly test cloud environments. 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service, and this number is expected to grow 35% this year alone. Cloud environments provide a relatively simple and reliable way for companies to reduce the need to purchase additional hardware to host their services. But with new infrastructure and network dynamics come unknown risks and attack paths. Testing the assumptions made about a company’s security and overall cybersecurity posture of their cloud environment are essential components of maintaining good security hygiene and are, in many cases, also required by law.

Because our clients’ security programs have matured, we recognize a need to provide more advanced security solutions to challenge an organization’s existing defenses against a simulated real-world attack. Advanced Adversary Simulation and Red Teaming allow organizations the ability to heighten their existing program with new techniques. Malicious actors are continuously improving their attack methods, and organizations need to be able to respond in kind.

RedTeam Security brings thought leadership, industry best practices, and subject matter experts (SMEs) with deep technology experience to help our clients implement an effective Information Security and Risk Management Program.

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