Stand No: 224

In today’s high-stakes development environment, security has become a critical challenge, particularly for platform engineers. Identity management and access permissions are now the make-or-break safeguards for your organization’s most sensitive data. But here’s the catch: this responsibility heaps immense pressure on DevOps and platform engineering teams. They’re expected to juggle intricate security, compliance, and privacy demands while keeping up the pace.

Now, enter Otterize—a Workload Identity and Access Management powerhouse designed to address this pressing issue head-on. We’re talking about a declarative and zero-trust solution that revolutionizes access management, ensuring maximum security. With Otterize, organizations can finally untangle the web of network policy, IAM, and database management complexities that threaten their data.

We don’t just stop there. Otterize takes it up a notch, using your network traffic to craft zero-trust access policies that are tailored to your exact needs. We configure your existing infrastructure, establishing rock-solid network policies, IAM policies, and database ACLs. And we seamlessly integrate with your SDLC process, providing round-the-clock security monitoring during development and CI/CD. The result? Your security is strengthened with a DevOps-first approach, minimizing the potential fallout from any security breach.

So, when we say we’ve got a solution to this burning security issue, we mean it. With Otterize, you’re not just protecting your data; you’re securing your organization’s future.

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