• IBM Logo® Blue60 RGB Scaled


    Stand 312

    IBM is the global leader in business transformation through an open hybrid cloud platform and AI, serving clients in ...read more

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    Edge Impulse

    Stand 172

    Edge Impulse enables smarter edge AI products via a robust machine learning platform. Its automations and low-code capabilities facilitate ...read more

  • Partner Logos 9

    Imply Data

    Stand 161

    At Imply, we are on a mission to help developers become the new heroes of analytics. Our unique database, ...read more

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    Tata Communications

    Stand TBC

    A part of the Tata Group, Tata Communications is a global digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy ...read more

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    Stand 292

    Industrial OEMs encounter a myriad of deterrents due to technological advancements, market shifts, and resource constraints. A proactive approach ...read more

  • Partner Logos 3


    Stand 285

    We are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark ...read more

  • Partner Logos 2


    Stand 270

    Greptime provides the fastest, most efficient time-series database solutions on the market. Our mission is to empower industries, such ...read more

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    Stand 313

    Keyfactor brings digital trust to the hyper-connected world with identity-first security for every machine and human. By simplifying PKI, ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2

    Granite Telecommunications

    Stand 330

    Granite is a dynamic and rapidly growing company serving the exciting and demanding Telecommunications market. 2018 EIS awardee. The ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 178

    TagoIO is a cutting-edge IoT platform that empowers businesses and individuals to effortlessly connect, manage, and analyze data from ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 3


    Stand Meeting Room

    Singtel is Asia’s leading communications technology group, offering businesses around the world an array of innovative solutions. Whether it is ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 2


    Stand 256

    A complete IoT test automation platform that infinitely scales and accelerates your time to market. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4


    Stand 290

    Wyebot is focused on developing solutions for optimization of the Wireless Enterprise. The solution delivers 24×7 reliability and high performance ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 9

    KNX Association

    Stand 306

    KNX Association is responsible for promoting the use of the KNX standard in products from local manufacturers, intensifying the ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 5

    Teal Communications

    Stand 272

    Teal’s patented technology connects any device onto any data network worldwide. With more network operator agreements than any other ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4


    Stand 234

    Learn more here: link  ...read more

  • Globalstar Logotype Rgb

    Globalstar, Inc.

    Stand 180

    Globalstar is a pioneer in satellite communications and connectivity, offering reliable, next-gen satellite and terrestrial connectivity solutions and services ...read more

  • Partner Logos 3


    Stand 255

    Wavelink, Supply Chain division of Ivanti is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker ...read more

  • JACS

    JACS Solutions

    Stand 310

    JACS Solutions is a leader in providing customized and purpose-built smart mobile device solutions to drive enterprise IoT and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 264

    About Eseye We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity. We have ...read more

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    Stand 163

    EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide to get the best out of their ...read more

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    OPC Foundation

    Stand 284

    The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the ...read more

  • CPacket


    Stand 332

    cPacket powers hybrid-cloud observability through its Intelligent Observability Platform. It reduces service outages through network-centric application analysis, strengthens cyber ...read more

  • GNX 1


    Stand 251

    At GNX, we’re changing the game when it comes to sourcing and managing global connectivity by offering you simplicity, ...read more

  • Hyperproof


    Stand 316

    Hyperproof is your security assurance and compliance operations platform transforming the way you manage and do the work—empowering people ...read more

  • Cyber Virtru


    Stand 324

    At Virtru, we empower organizations to easily unlock the power of data while maintaining control everywhere it’s stored and shared. ...read more

  • Cyber NinjaOne


    Stand 326

    NinjaOne automates the hardest parts of IT, empowering more than 17,000 IT teams with visibility, security, and control over ...read more

  • LRQA Nettitude Cyber NA

    LRQA Nettitude

    Stand 228

    Founded in 2003, LRQA Nettitude is an award-winning global provider of cybersecurity services, bringing innovative thought leadership to the ...read more

  • Otterize Cyber NA 1


    Stand 224

    In today’s high-stakes development environment, security has become a critical challenge, particularly for platform engineers. Identity management and access ...read more

  • Cyber Keepit


    Stand 332

    Keepit backs up your SaaS cloud data so you can concentrate on business growth without fear of data loss. ...read more

  • Partner Logos 7

    Aurelius Enterprise

    Stand 178

    Aurelius Enterprise, a data management consulting firm, specialized in driving digital transformations for Industry 4.0, leveraging our combined expertise ...read more

  • Partner Logos 5


    Stand 178

    Reniver is an engineering company founded in 2014 specialized in R&D for connected factories with a focus on smart ...read more

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    Zipit Wireless, Inc.

    Stand 294

    Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”) is a multi-carrier IoT connectivity and subscription billing solutions provider empowering businesses to deploy and monetize ...read more

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    Ellisys Corporation

    Stand 274

    Ellisys is a Test and Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions ...read more

  • Partner Logos 1


    Stand 300

    Founding members of SalVenturesTech have 14+ years of Automation & IoT experience and 12 years of data engineering & ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2


    Stand 304

    Dragino Technology Co., Limited is founded by experienced engineers in 2011. Our background is telecom field and we are ...read more

  • Codahead Logo Black Vertical


    Stand 148

    Codahead is a deep-tech company based in Poland. We take pride in being an exceptional solution provider in the ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos

    MetOcean Telematics

    Stand 240

    MetOcean Telematics develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition and end-to-end telematics solutions, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 1

    Moko Smart

    Stand 160

    MOKO Technology Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and provider of ODM, OEM, and IoT devices in China. In 2013, ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 176

    Columbus is a global IT services and consulting company with more than 1,800 employees serving our customers worldwide. We ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2

    ControlBright Inc

    Stand 298

    ControlBright offers a remote access platform that is unlike anything else in the industry. Our solution includes a small ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3


    Stand 274

    Synertron Technology Inc, was established in California and Taiwan over 20 years. We serve virtually all laboratories and industrial ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 10

    InnoPhase IoT, Inc.

    Stand 254

    InnoPhase IoT, Inc. is the leader in ultra-low-power battery-operated WiFi connectivity solutions for IoT products. Its award-winning Talaria TWO™ ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 7


    Stand 276

    Edgenesis is a technology company specializing in industrial edge solutions. We aim to drive standardization in device-driven IoT applications ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2 3

    Quarks Systems

    Stand 250

    Quarks Systems is a premier web and mobile application development firm headquartered in India established in the year 2013. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 4


    Stand 342

    Secure Compute Hardware. Easy to integrate and tough to infiltrate. Protecting sensitive assets from real world exploits. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2 2

    TUV Rheinland North America

    Stand 278

    TUV Rheinland offers a comprehensive service portfolio for testing and certification, which includes regulatory, interoperability, performance, safety and security. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 6

    Milesight IoT

    Stand 244

    Milesight IoT is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, IoT and LoRaWAN. With ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2 1

    POND IoT

    Stand 190

    POND IoT is your go-to provider for Domestic and International IoT solutions. With a team that boasts over half ...read more

  • Ground Control Logo Colour Blue Text 1

    Ground Control

    Stand 184

    Founded in 2002, Ground Control is a world-class technology and service provider in satellite-enabled IoT and tracking solutions for ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2

    Eurofins Met Labs

    Stand 288

    Eurofins MET Labs is the global service leader for product safety approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products — ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 256

    Ambiosfera, Lda is a company with a strong environmental component and advocates for the development of sustainable societies. In ...read more

  • E InkSignature1 I

    E Ink

    Stand 260

    E Ink is the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper technology. The company delivers its advanced display products ...read more

  • Powercast Logo 01


    Stand 266

    Powercast is the established leader in RF wireless power-over-distance solutions. Since its founding in 2003, Powercast has led the ...read more

  • Image002


    Stand 336

    HARDWARIO offers all you need to deploy Internet‑of‑Things We provide our partners with configurable Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, connectivity, and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1

    Cassia Networks

    Stand 311

    Cassia Networks is the leading provider for enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Our patented technology provides the most ...read more



    Stand 182

    At Viaanix, we understand people. We think of life, design its extensions and advance societies. We do this without ...read more

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    ScaleOut Software

    Stand 188

    ScaleOut Software is a leading provider of in-memory computing software with digital twins. Founded in 2003, the company offers ...read more

  • Soti Logo


    Stand 152

    SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and IoT management. Organizations around the world depend on ...read more

  • Rad Ai Logo Black Text

    Rad AI

    Stand 15

    Founded by the youngest US radiologist in history, Rad AI empowers physicians with Al to save time, reduce burnout, ...read more

  • Klue Logo Black

    Klue Labs Inc


    Klue is a competitive enablement and win-loss platform. Using Klue, product marketing and competitive intelligence teams collect and analyze intel ...read more

  • Black Logo 800

    Lucent Innovation

    Stand 12

    Unleash Innovation with Lucent – Your Catalyst in Data Sciences, AI & ML Services Introduction: Welcome to the Lucent ...read more

  • Lockup GoogleCloud FullColor Rgb 544x96px

    Google Cloud

    Stand 70

    Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage ...read more

  • InfiniteNetworks

    Infinite Networks

    Stand 64

    Infinite Networks is an unparalleled VAR and Integrator when it comes to Design, Installation and Commissioning of Data Systems ...read more

  • Shoreline 1


    Stand 62

    Shoreline.io is a cloud reliability company focused on real-time automation and control for cloud operations teams. Shoreline enables real-time ...read more

  • Ikigai Logo Lockup Gradient Transparent Medium

    Ikigai Labs

    Stand 124

    Ikigai Generative AI transforms tabular data, empowering businesses with predictive and actionable insights. Grounded in award-winning MIT research, Ikigai’s ...read more

  • Sesame Logo

    Sesame Software

    Stand 136

    Sesame Software specializes in secure, efficient data integration and replication across diverse cloud, hybrid, and on-premise sources. Our patented ...read more

  • Lightning AI Light Mode 2

    Lightning AI

    Stand 82

    Lightning AI, from the creators of PyTorch Lightning, enables ML engineers, researchers, and developers to build, train, and deploy ...read more

  • INP Logo RGB Full Alt Horz 600x200 1


    Stand 144

    Inpher, Inc. is the leader in privacy-enhancing computation that empowers organizations to collaborate on sensitive data seamlessly and securely ...read more

  • Satori Logo LIGHT@4x


    Stand 88

    Satori is a Data Security Platform (DSP) that enables self-service data and analytics. Unlike the traditional manual data access ...read more

  • Makinarocks Logo 1


    Stand 72

    MakinaRocks is a pioneering leader in enterprise AI software for the global manufacturing industry, dedicated to accelerating industries’ transition ...read more

  • Kolena Square


    Stand 56

    Kolena is a machine learning testing and validation platform. Kolena’s unique approach of unit testing for ML, empowers ML ...read more

  • Arista Square


    Stand 128

    The rapid arrival of real-time gaming, virtual reality and metaverse applications are changing the way network, compute memory and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos

    Softserve inc

    Stand 122

    SoftServe is a premier IT consulting and digital services provider. We expand the horizon of new technologies to solve today’s ...read more

  • Thumb Wolfram 1

    Wolfram Research, Inc.

    Stand 76

    As the creators of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram Language, and the Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT, Wolfram Research has been pioneering ...read more

  • Skill Chill

    Skill & Chill

    Stand 334

    SKILL & CHILL is a trusted global software development company with more than 15 years of professional experience. We ...read more

  • Mega Logo

    MEGA International

    Stand 90

    MEGA International is a global SaaS software company offering solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2

    Dynamic Consultants Group

    Stand 338

    DCG is a technology innovation leader and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Solutions Partner certified consulting partner delivering Microsoft commercial ...read more

  • Decisionbrain Logo


    Stand 32

    DecisionBrain delivers custom decision support software that is used to solve the world’s hardest planning, scheduling & logistics optimization ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 160

    Founded in 2003, Umbraco delivers world-leading open-source content management system (CMS) solutions for digital experience platforms. Through its user-friendly ...read more

  • Make Color


    Stand 44

    Make is the leading visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything—from tasks and workflows to apps ...read more

  • Nintex Logo Dark


    Stand 121

    Nintex provides a process automation and intelligence platform powered by AI, which enables customers of all sizes to quickly ...read more

  • SUSE


    Stand 238

    SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and secure enterprise open source solutions, including SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), ...read more

  • Couchbase Logo 01


    Stand 194

    At Couchbase, we believe data is at the heart of the enterprise. We empower developers and architects to build, ...read more

  • Logo Sixsq Ekinops


    Stand 242

    SixSq is a leader in edge computing B2B platform as a service. Nuvla, the company’s edge-to-cloud B2B management platform and ...read more

  • Avassa Logo 01 1


    Stand 296

    Distributed applications require application lifecycle management, monitoring and infrastructure services, along with secure, deep multi-tenancy. Avassa is the one, ...read more