Day 2 - 2 December 2022



Chair’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks.



Presentation: Hey You – Get out of My Cloud !

  • Reviewing Cloud Vulnerabilities in 2022.
  • Despite the increasing adoption of cloud, data security is still a key concern: what can we do?



Presentation: Eliminate Cyber Intruders – Trusting the Zero Trust Approach

  • What is the ‘Zero – Trust’ Approach?
  • How can Zero Trust architecture address today’s security challenges of a mobile workforce and data in the cloud?



Panel: The Role of Emerging Technology in Security

  • The biggest advancements in cyber security tech and what can we expect in the next 5 years?
  • What is the impact of increased use of AI, Machine Learning and Automation?
  • What role will technologies like blockchain, behavioural analytics and biometrics have in securing our future digital identities and combating fraud?



Presentation: Security Detection – Preparing for the Unknown

  • The Security detection challenges facing organizations today and how these result in blindspots that present serious cyber and operational risks.
  • What changing trends in technology and customer processes can have both a positive and negative impact on security detection.
  • Enabling your team to build more flexible and comprehensive security detection foundations in order to meet the challenges of unknown, future cyberthreats.



Lunch & Networking



Presentation: Wiped Out – Solutions to a Wiper Attack

  • What is meant by a ‘Wiper Attack’
  • The threats a Wiper Attack can have on your enterprise.
  • What would protect me from a Wiper Attack?



Presentation: Help Me ! Using Security Operation Centres (SOC) to improve your Security Armoury

  • What are SOC’s?
  • Learn of the Benefits of SOC’s, including cost, agility and resource.
  • How to the correct SOC for your enterprise.



Panel: Looking to the Future – What Can we Expect to see in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem in 2023?

  • A year in review: What Cybersecurity advancements proved worthwhile?
  • What progression in cybersecurity tech should we expect next year?
  • What will be the role of technologies like Automation, AI and Machine Learning?






Presentation: Protecting Against Insider Threats

  • How has the move to remote working created new challenges in managing insider threat levels?
  • Current trends in phishing and malicious actors.
  • Efficiently managing your data security protocol.



Presentation: It’s the Holiday Season ! – The Gift of Employee Security Awareness

  • Is security really important to your organization?
  • Learn how to optimize your security program with best industry practices.
  • How to ensure you are avoiding an employee burnout whilst increasing engagement?
  • Successfully combining cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience.



Chair’s Closing Remarks



End of Day 2