Day 1 - 6 September 2021


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Enterprise Security: Chairperson’s Welcome


Lee Whatford

Chief Information Security Officer

Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd

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10:00AM - Day 1

View Building a functional SecOps Team

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Building a functional SecOps Team

  • Best practices for building your security team 
  • Understanding the business engagement level – becoming a key enabler  
  • Proactive steps for monitoring and incident response 
. Lee Whatford, Chief Information Security Officer, Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd


Ubiquitous internet – changing dynamics in cyberspace

  • How can organisations look at reducing the negative impact of the pandemic? 
  • Where to go for 2021 – how to create positive change 
  • Addressing new and systematic risk 


Panel: Observable architecture – security for the SDLC

  • Is your architecture actually working? 
  • What can organisations look at in their infrastructure to enable proactive defence? 
  • How DevOpsITOps and SecOps teams can collaborate 


Anthony Sabella

Principal Architect, Chief Technology Office - Enterprise


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11:00AM - Day 2

View Panel: Access management & authentication – Ensuring digital trust

11:40AM - Day 1

View Security at the edge: SASE

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Security at the edge: SASE

  • Combining connectivity with cloud security capabilities  
  • Consolidating network and security as a service 
  • The future of network security 
. Anthony Sabella, Principal Architect, Chief Technology Office - Enterprise , Cisco


Networking Break


Panel: Get out of my cloud! Preventing a data breach

  • Using cloud-based resources safely – moving sensitive workloads out of legacy data centres  
  • How training can help  
  • Examples of organisations using the cloud securely to enhance customer experience and user journey  


Joyce Rodriguez

Head of Cyber Threat Prevention


Associated Talks:

02:10PM - Day 1

View The weakest link – securing your supply chain

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The weakest link – securing your supply chain

  • Creating a strategy for selection, approval and management of third parties 
  • Understanding your stakeholders and their individual requirements, and where this causes vulnerabilities 
  • Taking a risk-based approach to all new and existing interactions 
. Joyce Rodriguez, Head of Cyber Threat Prevention, Shell


Protecting data at speed: security in the hybrid era

  • Delivering security everywhere – SASE and the Cloud 
  • How cryptographic key encryption can help protect existing data 
  • How to simplify cloud-access controls 
  • Implementing a full life-cycle approach 


Partnering against the pandemic: for health and security

  • How international cooperation between security professionals has helped stem the tide of Covid-19 
  • Using technical skills to address non-security problems 
  • The importance of partnerships and skill-sharing 


Proactive defence for the enterprise of things

  • Device security 
  • Decoupling security & IoT concerns 
  • Understanding the path of data and where vulnerabilities lie 


End of Day One