Day 2 - 26 April 2019

Cyber Security – Emerging Technology

This session will focus on the impact that new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on cyber security.  Using case studies from across key verticals, we will examine threats to data, cyber intelligence and access management.  We start the day looking at how cultures within companies have to change to be able to accommodate these new methodologies.


Cyber Security – Emerging Tech & Regulations: Chair’s welcome and opening comments


Steve Wright

Former DPO | CEO

Bank of England | Privacy Culture

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Evolving cyber intelligence landscapes

  • Role of private, enterprise and governmental agencies in cyber intelligence – how is information shared across these?
  • What is the difference between tactical, technical, strategic and operational cyber threat intelligence?
  • The increasing role of automation, AI and machine learning for gathering and processing intelligence relating to cyber threats
  • Discussion of best practices for gathering and acting upon cyber threat intelligence
. Steve Wright, Former DPO | CEO, Bank of England | Privacy Culture


Yiannis Pavlosoglou

Co-chair of the (ISC)² EMEA Advisory Board


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Implications of high profile data breaches

This talk will look at the need for commonality in training and certification in the face of a spate of new technologies in the workplace – including AI and automation IoT and IIoT – all of which heighten the risk of malicious and inadvertent data breaches.

The idea is that through accredited training and certification, skills and best practice can be replicated, maintaining a base standard of competence and compliance across industries as well as across borders. We will also look at the impact of a variety of recent data and cybersecurity regulations including GDPR, PSD2, Privacy Shield, NIS Directive etc. on training, skills development and organisational compliance.

. Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Co-chair of the (ISC)² EMEA Advisory Board, (ISC)²


Francesco Cipollone

Director of Events - UK Chapter

Cloud Security Alliance

Associated Talks:

10:40AM - Day 2

View Is the Cloud secure? It’s easy if you do it smart

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Is the Cloud secure? It’s easy if you do it smart

This talk will explore the challenges of cloud transformation. The talk will provide top lessons learned from the research and projects CSA members have been part of.

We will explore cloud responsibilities, foundation, regulation, and toolkit to create facilitate a rapid transformation.

We will also touch on the topic of security by design, devsecops – and the role of security architecture & business in devsecops.

. Francesco Cipollone, Director of Events - UK Chapter, Cloud Security Alliance


Dr. Sanjana Mehta

Head of Market Research Strategy


Associated Talks:

09:40AM - Day 2

View Cyber Security Solutions: Chair’s Welcome & Opening Comments

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Jon Townsend

Chief Information Officer

National Trust

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Steve Wright

Former DPO | CEO

Bank of England | Privacy Culture

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John Elliott

Data Protection Advisor

Open Banking

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Panel: The role of regulations & standards for cybersecurity compliance

  • What does the concept of standards really mean in the context of cybersecurity?
  • Exploring corporate association vs government based policies such as those from NCSC, Cloud Security Alliance, European Union etc…
  • How has GDPR one year on changed the approach to data protection from a cyber perspective?
  • Can a verticalized approach to standards work?
  • What is current Global regulation in this area?
. Dr. Sanjana Mehta, Head of Market Research Strategy, (ISC)2
. Jon Townsend, Chief Information Officer, National Trust
. Steve Wright, Former DPO | CEO, Bank of England | Privacy Culture
. John Elliott, Data Protection Advisor, Open Banking


Networking Break


Sarah Janes

Managing Director


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Security Behaviours: moving from knowing to doing

  • Why we’re stuck in a perpetual loop of telling people what to do and seeing no change in behaviour
  • The missing ingredient required to activate our workforce
  • Practical techniques to create grassroots change
. Sarah Janes, Managing Director, Layer8


Alfred Rolington


Cyber Security Intelligence

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Marcel Dasen

Vice President of Engineering

Securosys SA

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Eduardo Helering

Lead Solutions Engineer EMEA


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Maninder Singh

Associate Director - Cyber Risk Services


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Panel: Exploring Identity Access Management

Despite the best efforts of cyber security professionals to update systems and protect against vulnerabilities, if access to these systems is not managed correctly, attackers could gain access resulting in costly data breaches.  Hence identity & access management (IAM) is a key component of modern cyber security planning and implementation. Controlling the use and issuance of administrative passwords in key.  This panel will analyse the following:

  • What factors need to be considered when implementing IAM systems?
  • The role will technologies like Blockchain, and biometrics have in IAM?
  • How important is IAM for cloud based systems, and what do security professionals have to consider differently?
  • How does privileged access management fit into IAM?
Moderator: . Alfred Rolington, CEO, Cyber Security Intelligence
. Marcel Dasen, Vice President of Engineering, Securosys SA
. Eduardo Helering, Lead Solutions Engineer EMEA, OneLogin
. Maninder Singh, Associate Director - Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte


Orlando Scott-Cowley

Principal Technology Evangelist

Amazon Web Services

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Using AI/ML to enhance security with AWS

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance security; or is the haystack broken? In this presentation you will learn why AI/ML can provide better haystack trawling, more robust anomaly detection and data classification in security applications, with real life case studies and examples.

. Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services


Networking Break


Andrew Lord

Head of Optical Research


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Keynote: Quantum Key Distribution – unhackable future networks

  • What is QKD?
  • Recent QKD developments
  • QKD Applications
  • QKD for Satellites
. Andrew Lord, Head of Optical Research, BT


Steffen Sorrell

Principal Analyst

Juniper Research

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David Atkinson

Founder & CEO


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Mike Bursell

Chief Security Architect

Red Hat

Associated Talks:

12:00PM - Day 2

View It’s not all tech: cultural change for DevSecOps

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Dave Palmer

Director of Technology


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Eduardo Diaz

Deputy General Counsel/Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

UniTeller - Banorte

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Panel: How artificial intelligence and blockchain are the battlegrounds for the next security wars

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, are emerging tech cited as key in an increasingly complex security environment, but what challenges do these technologies pose?
  • Many key players are using security awareness and infrastructure is a key feature to differentiate themselves within the cloud wars, so how will this dictate how the market evolves?
  • As the hyperscalers are moving further up the stack to find the latest battleground – so who is going to come out on top?
  • Real life examples of where AI, ML and Blockchain are being utilised for security
Moderator: . Steffen Sorrell, Principal Analyst, Juniper Research
. David Atkinson, Founder & CEO, Senseon
. Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat
. Dave Palmer, Director of Technology, Darktrace
. Eduardo Diaz, Deputy General Counsel/Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, UniTeller - Banorte


Eduardo Diaz

Deputy General Counsel/Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

UniTeller - Banorte

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Cloud security – is Blockchain the missing link

How can blockchain make Internet of Things (“IOT”) devices more secure?  Building the IOT requires a large number of interconnected devices.  Considering that these devices are vulnerable to hackers and are generally not secured-by-design, they need to be updated in order to patch their vulnerabilities in an effective manner.  This talk discusses how blockchain infrastructure can solve this problem and act as a platform where IOT device software and security protocols can be updated in a consistent and effective manner.

. Eduardo Diaz, Deputy General Counsel/Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, UniTeller - Banorte


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