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This group is for anyone involved or interested in digital transformation. We will cover strategy with a focus on enterprise digital which will include subcategories such as devops, cloud, cybersecurity, agile software engineering,machine learning, lean product development, internet of things ,web, mobile and of course how to improve return on investment using technology.

Artificial Intelligence / Bayesian Deep Learning: why do we need smart data not big data” by Biraja Ghoshal

This talk will provide an introduction to Deep Learning / Artificial Neural Network which, due to relatively recent algorithmic breakthroughs, has become an increasingly popular technique for uncertainty assessment and decision analysis. This session will provide an overview of successful applications (including medical, financial services – risk). What is common to all of these applications is that the Bayesian network models can be built using a combination of uncertainty estimation along with point prediction and (often very limited) data leveraging Active Learning. Big question is what comes after ‘big data’? We will explain why Bayesian network answer in the form of smarter decisions from smart data and causal with estimated uncertainty.

Associated Speakers:

Biraja Prasad Ghoshal

Deep Learning Evangelist

Tata Consultancy Services

Associated Talks:

05:00PM - Day 1

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