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This talk will look at the need for commonality in training and certification in the face of a spate of new technologies in the workplace – including AI and automation IoT and IIoT – all of which heighten the risk of malicious and inadvertent data breaches.

The idea is that through accredited training and certification, skills and best practice can be replicated, maintaining a base standard of competence and compliance across industries as well as across borders. We will also look at the impact of a variety of recent data and cybersecurity regulations including GDPR, PSD2, Privacy Shield, NIS Directive etc. on training, skills development and organisational compliance.

Associated Speakers:

Yiannis Pavlosoglou

Co-chair of the (ISC)² EMEA Advisory Board


Associated Talks:

10:20AM - Day 2

View Implications of high profile data breaches

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