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    Day 2


  • Map the most common security operations standard, ISO 27001 to the world’s most influential piece of privacy legislation, the GDPR
  • Identify how much work toward GDPR compliance that security teams have likely already done
  • Outline six main areas of common ground that should help every organization align their security and privacy operations
  • Develop a framework to reduce the risk of a damaging incident while increasing productivity and customer trust Understand the importance of building a cohesive compliance strategy across privacy and security teams
  • Learn about the stakeholders, teams, tools and processes that should come together for a comprehensive privacy and security strategy
  • Take away a roadmap and action plan for bridging privacy and security in your organization

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Vipul Asher

Privacy Consulting Manager


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11:40AM - Day 2

View ISO27001 & the GDPR: Identifying Overlap and Streamlining Efforts

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