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  • Breaches bring to mind big headline-grabbing incidents and of course it is important to prepare for these, but incident management goes beyond disaster response. Smaller privacy occurrences require incident management – for example, do your colleagues know what to do if an email is sent to the wrong recipient? Risks aren’t limited to big-ticket incidents and being ready to respond helps create an open culture of trust and preparedness across your organization.
  • We’ll discuss:
    • Real examples of what constitutes an incident or breach and what to do when one takes place
    • Best practices for your response plan and how to demonstrate your readiness
    • Lessons learned from the fines and penalties resulting from recent breaches and incidents

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Sandrine Lagrange

Senior Solutions Engineer


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10:50AM - Day 1

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10:10AM - Day 1

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10:20AM - Day 1

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