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Cybersecurity tool sprawl has reached unsustainable levels, and research shows 66% of businesses are striving to consolidate their security portfolio. But over-consolidating to a few platform solutions risks creating a vulnerable, innovation-stifling monoculture. If every organization uses a nearly identical set of security tools, compromising one means compromising them all. Heterogeneity of cybersecurity systems is itself a defense, so security teams need to approach consolidation differently. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How a data-first approach to security architectures can illuminate natural consolidation points
  • How collaboration with other parts of the IT organization can improve security posture and reduce tool sprawl.
  • How this collaborative approach also creates an opportunity to leverage other parts of the organization to improve security posture through smarter processes and practices.

Associated Speakers:

Jamie Moles

Senior Security Engineer


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02:30PM - Day 1

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