With over 20 years of experience in cloud, security and managed services, Rob has solved cyber security challenges for customers globally across a broad spectrum of organisations, including large corporates, telcos, and government installations. He eveloped his security experience working in agency, blue chip MSSP environments, and global vendors. He is currently commercial director Reliance acsn, a world class MSSP in the cyber security space, focused on high end cyber defense solutions. He also non exec’s for Blue Solutions, a leading MSP distributor, where he has architected and designed a transition to security service business across a broad portfolio.

A passionate security evangelist, Rob has raised security awareness across a broad spectrum of age and ability through engaging and interactive presentations and programs. He has been actively involved in IT security since he was the sysop of several of the first dialup UK BBS in the early 90s. Rob has a passion for developing, implementing and commercializing new ways for utilizing technology to solve organisations cyber security issues.