Liz Green is a Cyber Resilience & Security specialist that has background in data protection, endpoint and network security and cyber & incident recovery. In 2018, Liz moved to London from the US to support Dell Technologies to expand and lead their European Data Protection Team. After two years in Europe, Liz began to specialise in cyber resilience. Today Liz helps small, medium and large organisations to develop technology strategies that enable recovery from cyberattacks.

Throughout the pandemic, Liz was asked to support Dell Technologies clients to move to remote working models that leverage secure and trusted technologies. Working with Liz, organisations were able to build greater levels of trust between their employees and customers, ensuring data was available, protected and secured.

Liz is a keen cyber security thinker, who is always looking for opportunities to advance her knowledge and experience. She is actively engaged with UK based cyber accelerator LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement) and enjoys meeting different thought leaders and technologists that are passionate about creating secure technologies for a trusted internet. In December 2020, Liz published an article on digital trust for The Telegraph, which shares insights on how organisations can leverage technology to build greater trust and consumer confidence. She is currently training for several cybersecurity exams and enjoys learning the technical and business applications required to build a more secure and trusted organisation.

Liz spends time mentoring young STEM candidates and is passionate about empowering women to lead. Liz enjoys supporting junior colleagues to grow and develop. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and is an active contributor to the Dell Technologies Mental Health Network and Women in Action.