Kapil boasts an extensive background in product management, honed over 21 years at Microsoft. His contributions were instrumental in driving the success of products across a wide spectrum of sizes, from Visio to the grand launch of Office365 and the strategic packaging of Microsoft 365. This encompassed businesses with revenue spanning from $500 million to an impressive $50 billion.

Notably, in his final role at Microsoft, Kapil took the helm of the cutting-edge Fraud Protection product line. This innovative solution harnessed the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), processing billions of sales transactions. The system was designed with a steadfast commitment to GDPR compliance, and it has since become a global standard for safeguarding accounts and transactions. Leveraging advanced technologies, including device fingerprinting, this solution now underpins Microsoft’s entire suite of security products.

During his tenure at Tricentis, prior to joining Perforce, Kapil played a pivotal role in product portfolio planning. He orchestrated strategic growth across three essential product pillars: test automation, test management, and performance testing, contributing significantly to their evolution.

Now, at Perforce, Kapil leads Product Management for the IT Ops Pillar, where he’s steering forward the future of brands like Puppet, ushering them into new and innovative horizons.