Enda Ridge advises leadership teams on decision-making with data science, machine learning strategy, and how to build teams that deliver commercially relevant algorithms.
As Chief Data Scientist, Enda built the applied data science team in one of the UK’s largest retailers. His team’s algorithms made operational decisions in hundreds of stores, found patterns in millions of purchases and revealed hidden topics in thousands of customer voices.
Before this, Enda worked in a boutique consultancy tuning machine learning technology for banking and insurance systems. He also led analytics delivery in two Big 4 firms, helping forensic investigations unravel complex and large scale data scenarios in high profile bankruptcies and financial mis-selling.
He is the author of ‘Guerrilla Analytics – a practical approach to working with data’. Guerrilla Analytics covers 7 principles and 100 practice tips for delivering analytics successfully in fast paced commercial environments and is used in government, retail, consulting and fin-techs.
He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, applied computing, and a PhD in Computer Science. When he’s not working, you’ll find Enda reading a science fiction novel or playing with his son. Enda blogs at https://guerrilla-analytics.net/