Andrew Mori is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Deimos, Africa’s largest Google Cloud Partner. He has extensive experience in Software Development, DevOps, and Cloud-Native Engineering and has built engineering teams across several countries and industries.

Prior to starting Deimos, Andrew was the Chief Technology Officer of Konga, a Nigerian e-commerce company, where he focused on software delivery best practices and cloud infrastructure. During his time in Konga, he built Africa’s most progressive web apps and was featured at the Progressive Web App Summit in 2016. This led him to found Deimos, with a mission to help African companies do the same.

Andrew has spent the majority of his professional career in software engineering and development for a range of companies and has worked on multiple web-related projects, technologies and developed enterprise admin modules that could be integrated with multiple systems.

Andrew is passionate about nurturing the next phase of first-class African engineers, and he has pinned this objective as a guiding principle for Deimos.