Stand No: 174

We’re the Visual-AI people powering key phishing detection, counterfeit detection and product authentication solutions for some of the world’s leading cyber security and brand protection companies.

In cyber security our Visual-AI technologies deliver a critical extra layer of protection from phishing attacks, allowing us to detect the undetectable.

Closing the net on bad actors: to make phishing as insignificant as spam email.
Cybersecurity companies are in an arms race with bad actors. The more technologies you put in place to detect and block phishing content, the more technologies bad actors implement to evade detection. VISUA’s Visual-AI doesn’t look at code or use fingerprints – it looks at emails and web pages with ‘human’ eyes, but at machine speed, to flag and score high-risk elements it finds. When used in harmony with existing programmatic analysis it provides additional critical signals and allows phishing detection systems to prioritise further and deeper analysis for more accurate phishing detection.