Stand No: 570

swIDch provides simplicity and security in the authentication process in the most cost-effective way through our proprietary algorithm. The algorithm creates OTAC (One Time Authentication Code) which is dynamic numbers generated on your own device for each transaction without a network connection. Our solution is a security feature for uninterrupted use of devices by separating static ID attached to users’ physical forms and authenticate the users only with OTAC.


We aim to eliminate CNP(Card-Not-Present) fraud where details of a debit or credit card are stolen via online payments that are vulnerable to attacks. Our Dynamic One-Time Authentication Code algorithm that enables payment companies to generate Dynamic PANs (Primary Account Number) in a networkless environment, without the need for any additional infrastructure investment. – because our dynamic token is formatted as standard cardholder data, there is no additional infrastructure or merchant integration necessary – we can deliver our solution through our API/SDK. Our solution also can be applied to multiple industries not only payment but IOT (AI speakers, Drones) and access management.