Stand No: 51

Performanta are a risk-based cybersecurity consultancy and managed service provider pioneering cyber safety. We work tirelessly to achieve two things for our clients – lowering their risk and limiting the impact of a successful cyber breach.


Today businesses are ever more tech enabled. It’s normal for organisations to use bespoke infrastructure to serve the needs of their staff and customers. This uniqueness brings challenges, however. The response to an evolving cyber threat is not a one-size-fits-all remedy. Rather, a tailored approach is needed. One that takes risk, budget and business understanding into account.


Founded in 2010, we have grown to over 150 security professionals with offices in North America, the UK, South Africa, the Netherlands and Australia.


Our security approach focusses on three key areas:


People. Your staff and customers are both your biggest asset and your biggest security risk. Understanding and controlling how they gain access to systems is critical to lowering your risk and limiting potential impact.

Process. We understand your adversary. We know their tools, their wants and their methods. This ensures we’re able to tailor a defence posture and respond in a way that maps to your individual risk.

Technology. We work to understand what you have, where it is, how it is accessed, what you and your business stakeholders know about it, and finally, how it is stored and integrated.


Its likely that your business is already invested in security technology and that’s why we won’t advise a ‘rip and replace’ strategy unless absolutely necessary. Instead, we’re inclusive. Our analysts are ready to support more than twenty leading security technologies and we will integrate your existing tooling while moving you to a position of cyber safety.