Peerlyst is building a community where information security pros can team up for a better future—for themselves and their enterprises. Home base for security leaders, Peerlyst is where you go to find knowledge and learn from experts, as well as to build your own professional reputation by sharing what you know. Whether you want to spread news, ask a question, create a resource, or share expertise and product insights, Peerlyst gives you an audience of more than half a million security professionals.

Peerlyst’s vision is a future where information is more transparent and security projects become simpler and faster. We are working with people like you help transcend the fragmented security market and create transparency, so you don’t need to pay analysts and vendors to guide you through your projects.

Our founder, Limor Elbaz, came up through the security ranks, starting in the Israeli Air Force and moving on to become co‐founder and CTO of Sansa Security (previously Discretix), the security provider of the Samsung Galaxy platform. Limor led the security lab and later corporate development at Finjan (now Trustwave) and Imperva (NYSE: IMPV). She founded Peerlyst in San Francisco in 2011, putting together a team of idealistic engineers and security experts who are determined to make InfoSec pros’ jobs easier and enterprises safer