Global Security Mag

“Global Security Mag” is two complementary publications on computer and physical security.

- A website, a real continuous feed of information in French and English. These two sites simultaneously publish information on logical and physical security.

- A quarterly magazine on the subject of logical and physical security published in 5,000 copies including a summary of all the articles in English.

These publications are an essential source of information for all those involved in the security sector. They are intended for all IT and physical security professionals: RSSI, Risk Manager, DSI, Network Administrators, etc. in companies and administrations of all sizes …

Our quarterly magazine offers files produced in collaboration with the best French and foreign security experts: Consultants, Integrators, IT services companies, Lawyers, Financial audit firms …

Our magazine offers articles in each issue on:
- IT security (firewall / UTM, biometrics, antivirus, authentication, etc.)
- Physical security (access control, video surveillance, etc.)
- Storage in collaboration with FedISA, SNIA, etc.
- Security in a foreign country
- Update on the attacks in the quarter
- Following the date of publication, a report on a flagship security
- career event on training, ethics and the evolution of the employment contract for security professions.

Global Security Mag is a partner of the majority of security events around the world, including: The Assises de la Sécurité, Infosecurity (London, France …), Cartes, Security Israël, Solutions Linux …