Enclave Networks
Stand No: 33

Our Mission

We’re not here to build a better network. Our mission is to give IT professionals a simple way to rapidly build secure connectivity between any application, computer system, device or infrastructure — regardless of the underlying network. We’re here to get the network out of your way.

Our Vision

Computer networks have been complicated to configure, insecure to operate and inflexible to change for too long. We’re building Enclave so you can forget about the network. Secure, private and flexible network connectivity should be simple, just work and feel a little bit like magic.


Systems engineers, architects, network administrators and developers use Enclave to build secure networks that can’t be discovered, targeted or attacked — in under 60 seconds. The network used to be an inflexible cost centre; Enclave turns it into an agile, competitive advantage with a cutting edge Zero Trust Overlay Network architecture.

Patents WO2017060675.