• Asseco Cyber EU

    Asseco Data Systems

    Stand 94

    We specialize in certification services that allow you to confirm people’s identity online, and deliver solutions that ensure credibility ...read more

  • Cyber Vulert


    Stand 236

    Vulert without any integration, alerts you in real-time about vulnerabilities in the open-source components you’re using. It seamlessly fits into ...read more

  • Zenbit Cyber GL


    Stand 91

    We provide an all-inclusive DevOps-managed service platform that enables you to create and maintain high-quality apps and services and ...read more

  • Staflex Cyber GL


    Stand 226

    Stalflex is first and foremost a team professional with long-term experience, advanced technical knowledge, and access to state-of-the-art equipment. ...read more

  • Ontinue Cyber GL


    Stand 159

    As a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services, Ontinue is on a mission to ...read more

  • Tenable Logo2021

    Tenable Cloud Security

    Stand 222

    Tenable Cloud Security reveals and prioritizes security gaps in AWS, Azure and GCP and enables organizations to remediate them ...read more

  • CSC

    UK Cyber Security Council

    Stand 88

    THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE FOR CYBER SECURITY The UK Cyber Security Council is the self-regulatory body for the UK’s cyber ...read more

  • Ultima Cyber GL


    Stand 238

    Ultima’s mission is to stand side by side with businesses to navigate the demands and rewards of today’s ‘always-on’ ...read more

  • Enclave Cyber GL

    Enclave Networks

    Stand 161

    Enclave is a simple, fast and elegant solution to secure private connectivity to anything from anywhere.   Using Zero ...read more

  • Logo222Darkgreen


    Stand 40

    Founded by Faisal Islam (MSc) and Established in 2022 Greenlers is a clothing brand which brings together to blockchain ...read more

  • Impax Recruitment Logo

    Impax Recruitment

    Stand 183

    Impax Recruitment stands as a pioneering force in talent acquisition, specialising in roles within the realms of Crypto, Web3, ...read more

  • Planet HyperAppliance 1


    Stand 74

    Planet Computers is a dynamic and innovative technology company specializing in the design and development of compact and highly ...read more

  • Sq Logo White 1

    MetaXSeed Games

    Stand 52

    Ground breaking decentralized games studio / layer1 aiming to disrupt the $500 billion gaming industry by combining the very ...read more

  • Main Logo Colour


    Stand 176

    Leverage the Power of TetraLabs’ Expertise to Solve Real-World Business Challenges and Ensure Data Security. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos


    Stand 148

    Simple crypto trading for all. ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 184

    Unicoin, an equity-backed next-generation cryptocurrency designed to be profitable and stable. Unicoin solves for volatility, the greatest challenge of ...read more

  • 1 UFw8B3LSyMPDOWg7M5Q1cQ


    Stand 186

    Coinstore is on a mission to disrupt the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your ...read more

  • Arch Logo Green


    Stand 405

    Arch has specialised in SAP solutions for over 20 years and our team has extensive experience of SAP technologies ...read more

  • Sjqptjbcsgcxp8krypsq


    Stand 122

    Blockonomics is the top payment processor because we care about Bitcoin. Blockonomics helps you accept and track bitcoin payments, ...read more

  • Zondacrypto L RGB Scaled


    Stand 144

    Zondacrypto is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade more than 73 cryptocurrencies. Established in ...read more

  • Kogan Page Logo Scaled E1662363563904 Scaled

    Kogan Page

    Stand 182

    Independent publisher of award-winning books by leading business experts and academics. ...read more

  • Toobit Logo 2023


    Stand 146

    Toobit is a leading global exchange at the forefront of the blockchain industry. With a mission to democratize access ...read more

  • BW I Logo Short POS Web L

    Baden-Württemberg International

    Stand 42

    Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i) is the central location marketing agency for business and science in and for the State of ...read more

  • 1


    Stand 50

    Odiin Blockchain is a specialist talent agency partnering with global brands and tech start-ups across the world. Formed by ...read more

  • Codos


    Stand 58

    Car commuting is one of the largest single-action polluters globally. Up to 70% of EU and up to 80% ...read more

  • Stuarts Square White Blue

    Stuarts Humphries

    Stand 118

    Stuarts Humphries is a leading offshore law firm in the Cayman Islands offering fully integrated corporate and commercial advice ...read more

  • Digisha Logo


    Stand 44

    DigiShares provides the leading platform for tokenization of real estate and other assets. The platform helps real estate developers ...read more


    Easy Compute

    Stand 130

    Easy Compute is a UK specialist GPU server manufacturer, tailoring systems to meet workload requirements. Utilising premium components, our ...read more

  • Logo Qbeast NEW 2023


    Stand 310

    Qbeast is a company founded by researchers from the Supercomputing Center of Barcelona, funded by the top notch Deep ...read more

  • Lead Forensics

    Lead Forensics

    Stand 264

    Lead Forensics is the world’s #1 B2B website visitor identification software. Uncover your anonymous B2B website visitors and fuel ...read more

  • Cmmi Main Blue

    Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute

    Stand 72

    Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute – CMMI was established in April 2019 and it is a Centre of Excellence ...read more

  • Integres Logo

    Integres Software Solutions

    Stand 225

    We use intelligent automation to deliver cloud and datacentre savings of more than 30% while improving system performance. Leveraging ...read more

  • Streambased Logo 5


    Stand 221

    Streambased is pioneering a novel approach to data analytics with a strong focus on event streaming. We believe that ...read more

  • Ampere Logo ┬ Primary Stacked Rgb

    Ampere Computing


    Ampere is a modern semiconductor company designing the future of cloud computing with the world’s first Cloud Native Processors. ...read more

  • Scaleout Grey 5

    Scaleout – The Federated Learning Company

    Stand 272

    Scaelout’s technology and expertise enables AI in cases where it is unwanted, illegal or impossible to transfer the data ...read more

  • Speedata Colors



    Speedata is building the world’s first Analytics Processing Unit (APU), architected specifically for SQL and ETL workloads on platforms ...read more

  • Ongraph Logo 3


    Stand 262

    OnGraph is a forward-thinking IT company at the forefront of AI technology, offering a diverse range of AI solutions ...read more

  • ITN Logo Black 2

    ITN Business

    Stand 136

    Building on its decades of experience in B2B and corporate communications, ITN Business works with organisations, businesses, and brands ...read more

  • Xonai


    Stand 214

    XONAI provides a solution to run Spark jobs faster and with a fraction of the spending. No code changes ...read more

  • Intellias



    Intellias is a global technology partner empowering businesses operating in Europe, North America, and the Middle East to embrace ...read more

  • ThinkAutomation Logo


    Stand 258

    ThinkAutomation with ChatGPT: Revolutionising Customer Interactions through Localized AI In today’s interconnected world, businesses thrive when they combine the ...read more

  • DEPT┬ LOGO 2022 Black



    DEPT® is a pioneering technology and marketing services company that creates integrated end-to-end digital experiences for brands such as ...read more

  • Cl Logo Colour Rgb@4x 8



    causaLens is the pioneer of Causal AI—a giant leap in machine intelligence. Today’s machine learning algorithms extract correlations from ...read more

  • BCS Black Logo


    Stand 218

    At BCS, we’re on a mission to ensure everyone’s experience with technology is positive. It’s something we’ve been committed ...read more

  • 1 MDRX Logo Type Light


    Stand 180

    MDRx is a technology consultancy specialising in building emerging tech strategies and products at the intersection between business, technology, ...read more

  • IGenius Logo 01


    Stand 84

    Established in 2016 by Uljan Sharka, iGenius is an AI company on a mission to humanize and democratize business ...read more

  • Bulk Hovedlogo Turkis RGB 2

    Bulk Data Centers

    Stand 156

    Bulk Data Centers’ mission is to help customers move their high-density workloads from traditional digital infrastructure platforms, which typically ...read more

  • Provalis1807x284

    Provalis Research

    Stand 128

    Provalis Research is a world leading developer of text analytics solutions such as WordStat, a powerful software for computer-assisted ...read more

  • Netnut


    Stand 261

    Welcome to NetNut, home of the world’s finest proxy products designed to empower your online activities. Offering unmatched speed, ...read more

  • AI Forge

    AI Forge

    Stand 129

    AI Forge is an intensive 12-week incubator programme in London and Miami designed to accelerate the creation of AI ...read more

  • Teraflow.ai TF Logo 01 Scaled


    Stand 257

    At Teraflow.ai, we make your poor-performing algorithms fly. Data scientists are looking for speed, performance and quality of the ...read more

  • Curve

    Curve Analytics


    Curve Analytics is a Data, Insights & Technology company that helps businesses and brands unlock consumer opportunities by realising ...read more

  • Event Logo


    Stand 242

    As the creators of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram Language, and the Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT, Wolfram Research has been ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 2


    Stand 204

    We are experts in the Geospatial market and we create solutions on the web/mobile apps. We create custom software ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4

    N-iX LTD

    Stand 312

    N-iX is a global software solutions and engineering services company that helps world-leading organizations complete dozens of cloud projects ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 1

    Revive IT Recycling

    Stand 295

    Revive IT Recycling Ltd specialise in Secure IT Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction services. We are located in London, ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3


    Stand 216

    BugProve offers an automated firmware analysis tool to identify, remediate, and monitor known and zero-day vulnerabilities in IoT products ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2


    Stand 401

    Powertrace S.R.L designs and manufactures key hardware and software components for today’s embedded systems market. Our mission is to ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 188

    At the center of OpenHub lies a vibrant nexus of technology enthusiasts and creative mavericks, all brought together by ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos

    Guris Technology

    Stand 62

    GURIS is a conglomerate company which is leading the energy, construction and steel industry of Turkey. Representing energy and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 6

    Edge Impulse

    Stand 154

    Edge Impulse enables smarter edge AI products via a robust machine learning platform. Its automations and low-code capabilities facilitate ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4

    EM Microelectronic

    Stand 98

    EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra low power, low voltage integrated ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 5


    Stand 232

    BBT ANTENNAS INC integrates antenna research & development, production and sales, and focuses on technology research & development and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 215

    6Minded oils the wheels of B2B sales & marketing teams so they can reach their full digital potential. A ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1 1


    Stand 68

    TagoIO is a cutting-edge IoT platform that empowers businesses and individuals to effortlessly connect, manage, and analyze data from ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 7

    Camara Education UK

    Stand 202

    Camara Education provides a secure, sustainable way to support the circular economy. We deliver ITAD solutions that meet your ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3

    Green Custard

    Stand 136

    Green Custard is a professional services software consultancy delivering IoT projects exclusively on AWS. An AWS Advanced Tier Partner, ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 5


    Stand 320

    We are a leading Innovation lab leveraging emerging technologies to change the way manufacturing occurs. Headquartered In India, we ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4 1


    Stand 263

    Codahead is a deep-tech company based in Poland. We take pride in being an exceptional solution provider in the ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2


    Stand 157

    Ambiosfera, Lda is a company with a strong environmental component and advocates for the development of sustainable societies. In ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 208

    For over 30 years, Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems has enabled companies from around the world to deploy solutions with demanding ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3

    Element (Materials Technology Group)

    Stand 265

    The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection, and certification services ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4


    Stand 220

    BSI Digital trust is a domain of organizational resilience which empowers organizations to safeguard their information, people, systems, and technology, ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3


    Stand 168

    AWTG is an end-to-end engineering services and technology solutions provider for companies in Telecommunications, Smart Cities, Smart Health, Industry ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2 1


    Stand 166

    Ferry is the development platform for building applications on the edge. With Ferry, companies can integrate real-time data from ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos


    Stand 251

    RAKwireless, a global leader in the IoT, specializes in networking solutions and private networks. Headquartered in Shenzhen and R&D ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand 234

    Thundercomm is a world leading IoT product and solution provider. Founded in 2016 as a joint venture between ThunderSoft ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2


    Stand 234

    Qualcomm is enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. Our one technology roadmap allows us ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 1


    Stand N/A

    ABB Motion Services helps customers around the globe by maximizing uptime, extending product life cycle, and enhancing the performance ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos


    Stand 217

    Haltian, a prominent IoT company hailing from Finland, is a global leader in IoT solutions. We offer a diverse ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 4

    Spitfire Network Services Ltd

    Stand 127

    Spitfire has been providing business internet and telecoms services from our central London offices for more than 30 years.  With ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 2

    BCD Atlantik

    Stand 234

    BCD Atlantik is a leading distributor of technology, and an expert in the design-in of innovative semiconductor components and ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos


    Stand 204

    Plextek is a technology consultancy with a 30 year history of providing efficient & complex engineering solutions to an ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos

    Laird Connectivity

    Stand 254

    Laird Connectivity simplifies wireless connectivity with market-leading RF modules, internal antennas, IoT devices, and custom wireless solutions. Our products ...read more

  • Robustel 1


    Stand 182

    Robustel design and manufacture industrial-quality wireless IoT Modems, Routers and Gateways for predominantly focused cellular (3G/4G/LTE/5G), Wi-Fi and LPWAN ...read more

  • Teragence


    Stand 294

    Teragence is a mobile network crowdsourcing and geo-analytics business. We serve businesses in the location, real-estate, mobility and telecommunications ...read more

  • SPARKLE Positivo Colore RGB


    Stand 228

    Sparkle is a leading global service provider offering a full range of ICT solutions, global connectivity, services and capabilities ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos 3

    Sensational Systems Limited

    Stand 186

    We’re LPWAN IoT specialists, focused on LoRaWAN solutions. We are partnered with the leaders in LoRaWAN hardware and software ...read more

  • Aurora


    Stand 293

    Aurora Enterprise delivers bespoke managed workplace services. We replace your complicated and inefficient business processes and transform your workplace ...read more

  • PP GC Logo 1

    Ground Control

    Stand 206

    Ground Control was launched when a triumvirate of leading brands – Rock Seven, Wireless Innovation, and Ground Control – ...read more

  • Mainlogo Scaled


    Stand 66

    IoT LoRaWAN Technology and Fulfilment Experts.   Concept13 are Europe’s leading LoRaWAN Technology Experts.  We provide expert LoRaWAN consultancy, ...read more

  • Hongdian Logo


    Stand 248

    Hongdian Corporation is a 5G+AIoT expert and global leading provider of IoT products & solutions, serving 30,000+ customers, and ...read more

  • Wiznet Logo

    WIZnet Technology

    Stand 221

    WIZnet is a fabless semiconductor company in the area of Internet connectivity for small devices. The Company’s products include ...read more



    Stand N/A

    The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 421,300 associates worldwide (as ...read more

  • IoT Partner Logos


    Stand 64

    The ISCEA is the developer of the internationally recognized certification programs of Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply ...read more

  • Planet HyperAppliance 1

    Hyper Appliance & Planet Computers

    Stand 74

    Planet Computers is a dynamic and innovative technology company specializing in the design and development of compact and highly ...read more

  • SUSE Logo Hor L Green Pos SRGB


    Stand 126

    About SUSE SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and secure enterprise open source solutions, including SUSE Linux ...read more

  • Kingston Technology Logo Full Colour Black Panel

    Kingston Technology

    Stand 200

    Kingston Technology: Empowering Edge Computing Solutions With over 35 years’ experience, Kingston Technology is a leading provider of high-performance ...read more

  • Aaeon Logo


    Stand 230

    Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms ...read more