The Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America: Highlights

By: Daria

23, May, 2023


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Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America 2023


The Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America 2023, held on May 17-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, was a resounding success, attracting over 6,000 attendees and engaging an additional 800 individuals through online access. This premier event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in the realm of Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. With a vibrant mix of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, the conference proved to be a captivating experience. Let’s dive into some of the highlights from this ground-breaking event.


A Gathering of Innovators

The Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America showcased the convergence of technology and real-world applications through its impressive line-up of speakers. Representatives from esteemed companies such as Google, Meta, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and NASA took the stage, sharing their insights and experiences in leveraging cyber security and cloud to transform their respective industries.

The conference featured a diverse range of keynote presentations and panel discussions, covering various sectors and aspects of Cyber Security and Cloud Computing implementation. Renowned industry experts delved into topics such as Zero Trust, Threat Detection & Response, Training, Talent & Culture, Identity & Access Management, Application Security, Data Security, and much more. Attendees gained valuable insights from the experiences of these thought leaders and learned about the latest trends shaping the Cyber Security & Cloud Computing landscape.


Interactive Exhibitions

The exhibition floor at the Santa Clara Convention Center bustled with excitement as exhibitors showcased cutting-edge Cyber Security and Cloud Computing technologies and solutions. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with live demonstrations, explore innovative products, and engage in meaningful conversations with industry representatives. The exhibition area served as a hub for networking, collaboration, and exploring potential business opportunities.


Networking Party at home of the San Francisco 49ers

As the first day of the expo came to a close, attendees were treated to an unforgettable networking party at the iconic Levi’s Stadium. Against the backdrop of one of the most technologically advanced sports venues, participants enjoyed an evening of lively conversations, forging new connections, and fostering collaborations. The networking party not only provided a relaxed atmosphere but also reinforced the spirit of innovCyber Seation and camaraderie among cybersecurity and cloud professionals.



Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America served as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the cybersecurity community. As we reflect on the success of this year’s event, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming edition. Schedule your calendars because the Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America 2024 is set to return to Santa Clara on June 5-6. With a promising line-up of speakers, engaging discussions, and an expanded exhibition floor, next year’s event is bound to be even more impactful. Stay tuned as registration opens soon and join us as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of Cyber Security & Cloud Computing and shape the future of technology together.


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