The Connected Car: Mercedes’ next-generation interface

By: Jordan

4, February, 2016


Connected Car -

Guest blog: The Foundry

In late 2015 The Foundry and Mercedes unveiled Mercedes’ next-generation interface in the automotive giant’s Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). The solution, code name Project Dash, connects a true UI/UX designer’s tool directly to the in-car experience for the first time.

Project Dash is a collaborative effort between The Foundry and Mercedes, design and engineering teams. It leverages The Foundry proven content creation and visualisation knowledge and applies it to Mercedes’ specific design challenges; to achieve high-quality, real-time renderings in its in-vehicle UI/UX.

The Foundry and Mercedes-Benz bring Hollywood into the vehicle from The Foundry.

Kevin Ketchum, Global Creative Design Specialist at The Foundry will be speaking within the Connected Living track on day 2 of the IoT Tech Expo alongside representatives from Bentley Motors, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover and Scania on the ‘Connected Car for enhanced UX’.