Blogging in the Age of IoT

By: Jordan

21, December, 2015


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Guest blog by Eti Nachum, CEO, BlogsRelease

IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept that is, on the surface, very straightforward; more of our stuff is going to be connected to the Internet. It’s already started with our phones, watches and even homes. However, the impact of IoT on everyday life is difficult to predict, as new technologies are being developed every day, evolving in unbelievable ways.

Attendees of the IoT Tech Expo Europe (10-11 February 2016, London) can expect to delve into some of these exciting developments with leading industry experts.

Technology has also changed media in numerous ways. Smartphone saturation is already expected to surpass 50% in a few short years. Smart homes and smart cities are becoming more prevalent. And as print makes way for digital, and digital turns into the ‘connected world’, people from all different fields will have to adjust.

Marketers will agree that the key idea that never changes, however, is storytelling. From an advertising perspective, IoT allows for real-time engagement and experience-first, personalized marketing unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But what about personal storytelling? What effect does and will IoT have on blogging?

Convenience is King
Of course, many already blog on the go – using phones to quickly update your blog is common. Whether people can blog using something like the Apple Watch, though, remains to be seen. (It could certainly usher in an age where micro blogging dominates). Whether browsing for blogger review campaigns on BlogsRelease or blog using the WordPress or Tumblr apps, it is entirely possible to write and organize your whole blog from your phone. As more and more platforms pop up in arenas we never would have imagined, blogging is set to become easier. In an entirely connected world you will be able to update your blog from literally anywhere.

More Tools, More Opportunities
With more tools becoming available for bloggers to use both at home and outside, undoubtedly there will be more opportunities to find inspiration. Anyone who has written a blog knows the spectre of writer’s block looms heavily over the blogging process. IoT will allow bloggers to be constantly plugged-in to their industries.

Furthermore, with DOOH (digital out of home advertising) becoming more prevalent due to this so-called ‘internetification’ we can safely assume that content will be even more diverse and accessible.

Marketing to and for Bloggers
If brands are able to market through ‘things’ and track people’s consumption habits in targeted ways, they can determine very specifically what types of bloggers they need and how to approach them.

On the other side of the coin, IoT will also afford bloggers more options to promote their own blogs. The ability to tell your own story on different platforms is extremely valuable, and the more things there are connected to the internet, the more platforms are born.

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