How the Internet of Things Can Save Your Business Money

By: Jordan

16, December, 2015


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Guest Blog from Nigel Maris, Managing Director of EveryWare

The recent rise of smart cities and smart homes has seen the successful adoption of technologies like bus-stops that update passengers in real time and heating systems that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. These are just two of the features that have earned IoT a great deal of publicity and has seen the technology hailed as the future, but there are numerous other ‘things’ that are in use outside of the domestic landscape, including extremely useful monitoring tools for businesses.

Businesses, from time to time, will inevitably experience certain patterns, such as accidents or consistent overspending on utilities, which will negatively impact their revenues. But without the ability to be on the ground monitoring day-to-day activities first hand to determine what is causing those patterns, it’s almost impossible for business owners to fix anything in a timely and efficient fashion.

In order to stop businesses losing money in areas that are beyond their owners’ direct control, it is possible to implement technology to pinpoint exactly what is causing these patterns. This is where EveryWare comes in. Our ability to identify critical inefficiencies using retrofit sensors and Internet of Things technology allows businesses to resolve key issues instantly and remotely, before they escalate. We simplify the process of obtaining appropriate data in the areas that are costing the business money or require intervention to avoid a crisis situation. This in turn gives companies the chance to react effectively on receiving real-time data.

For example, it can alert you to which factory is unnecessarily leaving heating or lights on overnight, or which worker is always on shift when accidents are occurring, allowing you to react instantly and rectify the issue remotely.

How it works

The process breaks down into three main stages: local sensing though sensors that can be fitted retrospectively, local control via a Smarthub and remote monitoring from anywhere in the world via any handheld device. The back-office Smarthub tracks data gathered by sensors in the workspace, which is then synced in real time to a cloud platform for storage. Management can connect directly to the Smarthub from a remote device by using a secure access code to receive a real-time overview of the workspace on an easy to use interface.

The devices notify management if the sensors detect that pre-determined parameters are close to being exceeded, ensuring that they have complete control and legislation at all times.

The technology can be tailored specifically to problems encountered in each individual business across a wide range of sectors, including manual handling, healthcare and carbon footprint reduction.

So, imagine knowing where your business is losing money and imagine knowing how to fix it instantly and remotely. With EveryWare technology that harnesses the power of real time analysis and the Internet of Things, this has become a reality.

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